The first Christian communities not only worshipped together. They shared meals and celebrated their common life with one another. At Holy Family Episcopal Church, we seek to do the same. Each week after worship, we have a hospitality hour where food and beverage, but more importantly, conversation is shared. Here we get to know each other more deeply. After worship the second Sunday of each month, our family comes together for a potluck brunch. Visitors are always welcome and expected! You need not bring anything but yourself.   

Throughout the year, we offer various opportunities for further fellowship. Next up: The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, February 13, 2018, we plan to host a Fat Tuesday celebration.  Our ages range from five years to the 90s. The typical member household is over 35 and is a couple or a single parent with children either in high school or college or relatively recently out of college. We are blessed to have a very active membership, that comes together to share their unique gifts.

We have a heart and mission for people with sensory disorders and other special needs.  We have a particular heart for families affected by autism spectrum disorders.