How We Worship:  

Our worship is both traditional and flexible. We worship using the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer, and yet we are flexible to meet the needs of those worshiping.

Our services are family-friendly in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.  

We believe that each person has been given gifts from God.  The Body of Christ is not complete without each member.  All are invited to bring their gifts to worship.

Who We Are: 

We are a diverse, inclusive congregation. Our ages range from five years to the 90s. The typical member household is over 35 and is a couple or a single parent with children either in high school or college or relatively recently out of college. We are blessed to have a very active membership, that comes together to share their unique gifts.

We have a heart and mission for people with sensory disorders and other special needs.  We have a particular heart for families affected by autism spectrum disorders.