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​​​​​​​​​​​ Christ-centered Family-friendly worship​


Welcome to ​Holy Family Episcopal Church

10 A Bisbee Court​
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Sunday Worship:  10:30 am
Contemplative Prayer:  Tuesday 12:15-12:45 pm

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The Rev'd​. Kay Anders' cell: 505.412.9688


 Our Peace Room is available for those who desire a quiet place during the "hustle and bustle" of church activities. 

370px-Autism_Awareness_Ribbon.png​We  have a mission to all families, especially those affected by ASD and other sensory disorders.  Read more about our mission.

​The ASD ribbon indicates activities that are designed for children.  Special care has been taken to take into count the needs of those that are on the spectrum by ensuring the activities are gentle, safe, sensory, and interactive.  All children respond and participate in these activities.  



May 15, 2015

In Christianity Pentecost is often called the birthday of the Church.  After Jesus' death, resurection, and acenssion, the disciples were in Jerusalem for the Jewish holiday of Shavu'ot​.  Shavu'ot was called Penetcost by the Greek speaking Jews because it occurs 50 days after Passover.  As the disciples waited, there was a rush of wind and the tongues, as if fire appeared.  The disciples went into the streets and told the good news of Jesus.  Because it was a major festival, people from all over the Roman Empire were in Jerusalem, and they each heard the message in their own language.  The story of Pentecost is found in Acts 2​.  

On Pentecost Sunday we will be reading the Goseph in unison in different languages. 

​​Join us in celbration of Pentecost at 10:30 am May 15, 2-15.  We will be reading John 14:8,17, 25-27 in different languages.

Hawai'i Pidgin

Don't see your favorit translation?  Please bring your own.  BibleGateway​ is a good place to start looking for various translations.

Holy Family Episcopal Church​​
10A Bisbee Court
   Santa Fe, NM 87508


  The Rev'd​​. Kay Anders' cell: 505.412.9688

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​ Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande     

DRG Blog: Trusting in the Holy Spirit

New Mexico Autism Society

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Children of Destiny Prayer resource for ASD​

​​Regularly Scheduled Events

Friday Family Fun ​Night

Free.  Dinner, games, arts and
crafts.  Everyone is welcome.
First Friday of odd-numbered months
5:00 pm -7:00 pm​

​​June 3, 2016

Outreach Sunday
Parish Potluck
Second Sunday of the month

​​May 8, 2016

​Bishop's Committee Meeting
Third Sunday of the month

​May 15, 2016