The Reverend Corinne Hodges, Vicar

Corinne Hodges started as vicar of Holy Family December 1, 2017. She came from the Diocese of Northern Indiana, where she served more than six years as rector of St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Warsaw and three years as priest-in-charge at St. John of the Cross in Bristol. She was ordained in the Diocese of Chicago, where she served six years as a chaplain at Lake Forest Place, a Presbyterian Homes retirement community, and a year and a half as assisting priest at St. Elisabeth's in Glencoe.

Pastor Corinne is passionate about teaching, preaching and pastoring. She is curious about people and wants to meet them where they are to help them grow in their spiritual lives. A certified yoga teacher, she believes in the connection between mind, body and spirit. In her free time, you can find her teaching or practicing yoga, swimming, ice skating, hiking or enjoying a good meal with friends. She and her husband Mike are excited and grateful to be in Santa Fe with its art, culture, natural beauty and friendly people from all walks of life.




Mary Badarak, Music Director

Mary Badarak moved to Santa Fe in 2003 from Atlanta, Georgia, where she had been teaching at Georgia State University and was serving as Interim Music Director at The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. Dr. Badarak served as a staff singer at Holy Faith in Santa Fe for two years and sang in the choir at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John in Albuquerque until 2013, when she became the Music Director at Holy Family. In 2004, she founded and continues to serve as artistic director of Santa Fe Music Works, a not-for-profit corporation which sponsors and produces music workshops, master classes, various music ensembles, and choral tours. She also was music director of the Los Alamos Choral Society for 12 years. Mary is an award-winning composer of liturgical music in the Anglican tradition. Her music has been published by G. Schirmer, Inc. and Hal Leonard Corporation.

Bishop's Committee


Kay Storr, Bishop’s Warden

I grew up Methodist (and there is a story as to why we were Methodists and not Baptists like my mother’s family) and had always attended and/or worked for a Methodist Church. My mother was so dedicated to the Methodist Church that she wrote a book about itinerant Methodist ministers, called “Methodism in their Madness.” There was a brief stint at being the pianist at the Salvation Army Church in El Paso (where I learned to transpose down a half step very quickly when the band started playing in a different key).

Neel and his first wife, Suzie, started attending Holy Family soon after it was formed, and were members when Suzie died. Neel and I started dating in early 1999, and I came with him to one of Holy Family’s services, when it was Christ the King and very much like itinerant Methodist preachers—carrying everything around in a trailer. On that first Sunday, the regular pianist didn’t show up, and I was conscripted into playing the electric piano (first time) for the service and service music for which I was very unfamiliar. In spite of that (or, maybe, because of that), I’m still here. I was immediately impressed with the value and reverence given to the ritual and the Eucharist in the Episcopal Church.


Morag Smith, Treasurer

Morag and her husband, Jay, have been part of Holy Family since 2007. They were drawn by the open welcome given to them when they visited with their infant son. Holy Family continues to be an important place for their family especially because their children (William and Sarah) are valued as full members of the congregation and are learning to be part of a Christian community. Morag is a physicist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, as well as tenor drummer with the Order of the Thistle Pipes and Drums and the assistant Girl Scout troop leader for Troop 10611.


Dan Donoghue

I have been coming regularly to Holy Family for two years. I came to the Episcopal Church and Holy Family through the church’s true belief in that we are ALL God’s children. I started coming to Holy Family regularly after I had surgery and was laid up for a few months and I received a prayer blanket from the congregation which I treasure to this day.

I am a business development manager for an IT consulting company based out of Albuquerque.

I am interested in keeping the church active in the community for those less fortunate in our society. I would like to work on the issue of homelessness in our community, particularly those for women and children. My dream is that, as the church congregation grows, we keep the level of love and inclusiveness and warm relationships that we have now.


Deborah James

I would like to deepen my spiritual journey by applying my talents and skills in service to the Bishops Committee at Holy Family Episcopal Church. I retired and moved to Santa Fe from Austin, Texas in June of 2018. I graduated with Honors from the University of Texas Architecture School in 1973, was the only female in my class and was a pioneer for Texas women architects in Austin. I was the first woman architect firm to be awarded major public projects at the city, county and school district levels. I was co-founder of Austin Women in Architecture, an organization created to support and promote local women architects who had been isolated and discounted among their colleagues. As a construction project manager for one of the largest school districts in Texas for 17 years, I managed teams of school administrators, architects, engineers and contractors in projects valued up to 20 million dollars and managed multiple projects simultaneously up to 40 million dollars. These projects all shared aggressive time schedules while working with copious environmental and technical regulations at the federal, state, city county and school district levels.

I came to love the Episcopal faith while attending Calvary Episcopal in Bastrop, Texas, a historical hand-built church that was designed and built by a Scottish architect in the 1880s. I loved the ritual, beauty, majesty and humility of the Episcopal liturgy. I asked to be confirmed at Calvary around 1986 and became a choir member, singing regularly for a total of 7 years.

In continuation of my spiritual education and journey at Holy Family, I am committed to learning more about the church and its administration, as well as serving in the choir, altar guild and building committee ministries and participating in projects to support those in need in our community. I hope to provide vision and insight to assure the message of our Savior is first in all our affairs. I also hope my architectural experience will provide building and growth planning resources that will facilitate Holy Family’s future goals and community.


Candia Thew

I have been an Anglican/Episcopal member since birth, with some questing and exploration of other religions that built a respect and showed many common bonds among God’s children. When I asked myself, who and what is a Christian, I began the intellectual part of my spiritual journey (EfM or Education for Ministry) and it was on this path that I recognized the yearning that had been building within my heart and spirit for most of my life.

In my life before retirement, I was a medical librarian. This profession allowed me to raise my schizophrenic son who now lives independently and then to adopt two older Russian children later in life. Becoming a Third Order Franciscan (TSSF) in the Episcopal Church (as well as a Franciscan Associate in the Catholic Church) sustained me during the process of discerning, adopting and raising two broken children. The Daughters of the King (DOK) has also been a source of strength and comfort as well as a training ground for teaching and leadership. A three-year course in spiritual formation and direction was completed just before my move to New Mexico.

At St. Christopher’s Episcopal in Lubbock, TX, my ministries included being a Eucharistic visitor, writing a spiritual book review for our monthly church newsletter, supporting a bi-monthly matinee movie and discussion group (social and spiritual issues), leading a small spiritual book discussion group, as well as being active in the DOK where we also became a sister chapter with an International chapter in Panama City, Panama.

As a member of the Bishop’s Committee, I hope and pray that some of my gifts may be helpful. I’m willing to try.