Throughout the year, Holy Family offers Christian Formation programs for both children and adults. We are lifelong learners who yearn to know the Lord more intimately.  

Weekly Sunday School for children is offered during the regular church service.  We are grateful to Morag Smith, our teacher. The children typically leave the service right after the collect of the day and return in time for the passing of the peace. Our primary curriculum is “Weaving God’s Promises”, which usually centers on a bible story with discussion and an arts and crafts project.  We repeated the second P.R.A.Y. series, “God and Family”, which allowed one of our students to earn his religious emblem for Cub Scouts. Several national organizations, including the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, recognize the religious emblems awarded for completing a P.R.A.Y. program and scouts are permitted to wear the medal on their uniforms. It is one of only two awards that a Cub Scout can earn that can eventually be worn on his uniform if he participates in scouting as an adult.

Adult formation includes a weekly bible study on the Sunday lectionary. We meet Thursday from 6 to 7pm at the Food Court at Santa Fe Place Mall.